The Work Untitled…”

Work of art Summit of the Neogothic Realism.


220 x 170 cms.

* 180 000 000 € (hundred eighty million euros.)





Chiara Baschetti

Clémentine Delauney

Izabel Goulart

Edita Vilkeviciute

 Magdalena Frąckowiak


 desde mi cityland

sin saber si voy a llegar

a su encuentro

Una haber


Private Secret Rendezvous

Really gratifying, my beautiful candidates have to show, this passionate, exciting alternating hot and muggy, with visibilities of each of you, because of a thick, juicy script of fate, understanding the sensitivities and disagreements sudden fevers, where I myself am involved with you and waiting to conclude all this orgiastic earthquake wishes, and happy outcome in reality, after getting my kingdom and become aware of the facts, of all the amazing qualities that you have, and try to approve and that finally fulfills the prophetic and glorious will, as Noble destination, give the beautiful who deserve … ”


As the deepest ancestral reality
I as a matter of nobility and herald of the oldest families of this world.
The desire of every Warrior, if achieved his glorious goal, a kingdom and a princess, is that marriage is only in first nuptials, wedding night or consummate the act of love.
Phenomenia my Cityland



With what happened so far from here
 Izabel Goulart
Clémentine Delauney

Edita Vilkeviciute
in your particular case, I mean if you had sexual intercourse, pussy defiled with men.
I do not care who have sex with women, sisters, androgyny or lesbian popr your skills.

Chiara Baschetti

if it appears to have several candidates, wives here, you do not deserve confidence, to be a princess alone in purity to be alone with her currently I see them as concubines, marry me all vez.Asi single wing.

what I mean
to something so grand that comes
If any of you want me to communicate his state of purity to do so as soon as possible,
 Otherwise hara this question before making appointments ..
Understand, princesses, what I am exposing … ”

Clarify not matter
If you desire all participate together in large nuptials to live our private parties and orgies closing me.

or I’ll have to find another group of faithful and beautiful wives, congregation, to marriage.