Privacy and Process keys

The Realism Neo-Gothic Art is now the world’s leading private ART Way, only for people who are connected by members share similar backgrounds, interests and perspectives.

unique personal Rute, that offers the power generated content to instruct members and Elite clients, to manage their private, social and business lives( Art Affaire) Art for PRIVATE event, not available for exhibition or fair. Working direct acquisition order and custom concrete Artwork…’

‘ Provided, studying well my position, you can reach mutual understanding, to achieve true evolution towards great mutual benefits …” 1. The intention of all the concepts and Artistic works, it is for adquisitions directly and privately. Respecting at all times the discrection, and the confidentiality.

2. Considering the exclusivity carries to extremes of the offered profile, and for proper will, these Artistic Works of Luxury, they are not in disposition to be exhibited in institutions and events facing public.

     The fake modern art is aberrant, and even classical, reference in museums, institutions, irrespective of the details are childish representations only, suitable for all audiences, nothing to admire with real significance.

  The same shit in different colors

Art of Cult, away from the tacky projects and cultural management events, exhibitions and fairs, are part of the absurd ”freak show” skullduggery.


3. In case any Gallery or institution, he wanted to do an acquisition or deal, everything would be realized in private, without any intention of external diffusion.In principle this situation is not viable.

4. The works possess a big Magic and Magnetic load, therefore its acquisition, it is an act of entire personal communion between the distinguished client and the wished work

“My Art is concerned with raising the consciousness by means of rituals to create the doors to connect with awareness of the nonhuman intelligences in the universe; fallen angels, spirits, ghosts,and with achieving means of communication with these intelligences with this possesion, in the painted canvases.. A decision signs and adult. An innate ripeness, far from the  establidhed  art monopoly.


5.The images or concepts that are visualized, only are like a communicative way or of primary perception, across the webpages, without any  intention of commercialization, not diffusion for no printed way,others, (0) economic benefit.

The  composition visionary, always differs from the original photographic concept or digital .This is Art



6.I usually have a rule not ask for money up front, I do not like most ready” which paints want you to send free, for nothing, who knows where they are really ways to steal and cheat, that happens constantly in this world .………………………………………………………………………………………………………….





  1.El proposito de todos los conceptos y trabajos Artisticos, es para adquidiciones directas y en privado.

Respetando en todo momento la discreccion, y la confidencialidad.

2.Dada la exclusividad extrema del perfil ofrecido, y por voluntad propia,estas Obras Artisticas de Lujo, no se encuentran en disposicion para ser expuestas en instituciones y eventos cara al publico.

  El falso arte moderno es aberrante, y los clasicos inclusive, de referencia en museos, instituciones, independientemente del detalles,solo son infantiles representaciones, aptas para todos los publicos, nada que admirar con real trascendencia.


3.En caso de que alguna Galeria o institucion, deseara hacer una adquisicion o transaccion, todo se realizaria a puerta cerrada, sin ninguna intencion de difusion externa.En principio esta situacion no es viable.

4.Los trabajos poseen una gran carga Magica y Magnetica, por lo que su adquisicion, es un acto de total comunion personal entre el distinguido cliente y la obra deseada.

“Mi arte tiene que ver con elevar la conciencia por medio de rituales para crear las puertas para conectarse con la conciencia de las inteligencias no humanas en el universo, ángeles caídos, espíritus, fantasmas, y con el logro de medios de comunicación con estas inteligencias con esta posesión, en los lienzos pintados.

Una decision firme y adulta. Una madurez innata, lejos del Monopolio establecido en el mundo ”diurno” del mal llamado llaman Arte.

Anthropology customizable, optional assembly authentic and personal taste (vision and final concept)

5.Las imagenes o conceptos que se visualizan, solo se encuentran como un medio comunicativo o de percepcion primaria, a traves de las paginasweb, sin ninguna intencion o proposito de comercializacion, ni difusion por ningun medio impreso,otros, ( 0 ) beneficio economico.

6.No suelo tener por norma pedir dinero por adelantado, no hago como la mayoria de listos”, que quieren que uno envie pinturas gratuitamente, de balde,a quien sabe donde,  son realmente maneras de robar y engañar, eso ocurre constantemente en este mundo.

 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Speculations mediocre lack of vision and perspective of meaningless artistic ideal and attitude widespread fraudulent crashes before a Truth … Here’s to follow my conditions and Logic …” Especulaciones mediocres con falta de vision y perspectiva,carente de sentido del Ideal Artistico y La actitud fraudulenta generalizada se estrella ante una Verdad…Aqui hay que seguir mis condiciones y Logica…”


Everyone should strive to prevent any form of UNTRUTH from poisoning relationships.” Adorers of Caricatures …” Legion of the damned, WAY OF HELL Poisoners of Truth, and the Ideal, destroyers and opponents, for their own personal journey that is known and with constant testing of an obtuse mentality …

Legio damnatorum, VIA GEHENNALIS


Through every age, contempt is all the artists, being on the bottom rung when evolutionary benefits for their works, boasting after the monopoly of art, enriching usurers, with their shenanigans, after dead authors works… And since the postwar period, the absolute hypocrisy of contemporary art, the anti-truth and anti-aesthetic and anti-personality …” Spiritless., Only dead matter, A Slaughter. For the Love of Art and altruistic causes,,,, Cynical hypocrites¡¡

Come, not to lie … I do not you come with that milonga that we’re all very good and there roleros fling between us and blablabli and blablabla … The hell! Be sincere, surely at some point you have met any and you have backed out of pure embarrassment to see their pints, their jokes incomprehensible, his eyes unfocused, poor hygiene, social disability … Because yes, it can be scary and grime in industrial quantities. I’ve seen it, I’ve lived, I’ve even taken something with one of them and my thought was … “Please anyone I associate with him, no one makes me a photo, I do not want to be here.” You can not talk to them about anything other than role and other frikadas,And speaking of living … They live a life distorted. They are capable of kicking all over the net if the latest edition of your favorite game not like the news of a film adaptation of one of his favorite works will lead to the closest thing in his life to feel an orgasm, the viewing of that long-awaited film will sink back into a spiral of outrage and shall turn this week to become the “guachis” explaining how bad others have done … They feel more comfortable under a nickname and an avatar molón rare within its own skin in what is nothing more than a miserable flight into nothingness. In short, living by and for things that really should not matter beyond what is minimally reasonable if not because they have a real life.Let’s see … I’d love to generalize and throw yourself to everyone in the same bag of shit. Unfortunately I know that not everyone is well, the truth is a shame because it would make clearer my moral superiority. But there are those individuals whose life unsuccessful sexual activity is comparable to that of his brother five years, with the social life of Lovecraft, the girl who is best known Gigamesh edge ultimately fair monsters…”



судебная психиатрия, рисование криминальная психология.

psiquiatría forense, psicología criminal dibujo, Abstracciones, malformaciones degenerativas del interior personal,

infantilidad enfermiza

Contemporary  and general  (Art ? )



Comprehensive treatment of terminally ill alive, starving paranoid. Subsequent grotesque mockery of artistic exaltation insane and monopolization. Auctions and wheeling and dealing of soaring real or fictitious dividends manipulative claims to the great human herd, payers of taxes and fees of salvation.

I should see their faces under such con shit I’m here for  spiritual  and real business matter , I have this serious profile, art and cause, because I’m not scared and I was not taught, and I have balls or face serious with suck dick key positions as surprise me that the gap between the VIP and all RSA smicards morons and lazy!, Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, another NGO nonprofit burglars, as all. I’m trying to do lucrative business with real people , not ghouls, who can pay, and the dough should get him or go out about this exclusive, private and personal art affair…”



Besides these whippersnappers morons, the vast horde of vulgar paupers, simpletons and contemptible, petty bourgeois, and other rats of different levels of sewage consisting of race.

Infant murderers in recreations of the naive and decorative goodness, human masquerade.

Schizophrenia and manipulation


Mehr als nur Müll: Moderne Kunst, Persönlichkeiten, Institutionen, Kunstbetrieb, über Abfälle basiert.


Die Antworten werden blutige Wahrheiten, die nicht ihre elende Existenz sollten erkennen sein.

Gauner, Diebe, Wucherer und seine römischen Legionen, die zum Scheitern verurteilt Rennen …”


Rennen der Menschenaffen Mentalität und Persönlichkeit, ohne Geist …”



Fops Idioten, die große Horde von vulgären Armen, Einfaltspinsel und verächtlich, Kleinbürger und andere Ratten verschiedenen Ebenen von Abwasser aus der Rasse, der Schädlingsbekämpfung.

Diese Art von Mann, der die Welt zum ersten Mal im letzten Jahr während der Olympischen Spiele erschienen, in seiner prächtigen, stolz Kraft und Gesundheit-Mensch so liebe Gleppaper  prähistorische Kunst, repräsentiert den Typ der neuen Ära. Und Sie, was Sie produzieren? Crippled verformt und idiotisch, Frauen nur Horror, Menschen wie Tiere als Männer, Kinder, wenn sie lebten in der Art und Weise, in der es figurative geweckt, sie einfach glauben, Gottes Fluch! Und diese schrecklichen Dilettanten haben die Kühnheit, dies dem zeitgenössischen Welt zu zeigen, wie die Kunst unserer Zeit, sondern als Manifestationen dessen, was die Gegenwart bildet und es erlegt den Stempel selbst, der Atem des der Antichrist …” Manifest …” 1937.

Der Krebs der Bastarde …”







 Woman III, Adele Bloch-Bauer , $ 137.500.000

That’s the price that circulates through the media to an aberration like this …”

. Great Shit.


Deutschland 30 ist … gegen entartete Kunst.




Die gotische neo Realismus, amtlich zugelassene Technik für Deutschland und eine neue Weltordnung nuvo produziert, mit privaten und monumentalen Charakter, seinen Zweck magisch, initiatischen und esoterisch ist, zu einem elitären Publikum zielen Sie ihren Realismus und Übertretung, art Tracking-Modelle classic neue Ära, die alle zu definieren half mein Stil mit den Namen der gotischen visionären Realismus, heroischen und romantischen hat.

Kunstwerke zur Verfügung


Die falsche moderne Kunst ist aberranten und sogar Klassiker, Referenz in Museen, Institutionen, unabhängig von den Details, nur sind kindisch Darstellungen, für jedes Publikum geeignet, die nichts mit wahren Bedeutung zu bewundern.


Untitled 5


Available Art

On demand,  Sublime recreations in Visionary Classical Realism style and personal vision…”
Portraits, ambience.
About Artistic Photo, Black / White
Vintage genre, EPOQUE, Ethnic.

Magic and Spiritual…”

Medium & Big sizes.


I expose now 2 example of my Art…” Given a world, and offering the infinitely superior, must stand firm and orderly

The theme PASSIONATA, is seen in the home, main blog, 100 x 81 cms.  , and to find that person to appropriate  Art collector

10 000 000 €



DISTANT LANDS…” 225 X 160 cms.   Art Collector.

30 000 000 €



JESUS CHILD DREAM…” 225 X 215. cms. , Art Collector, Order , Lodge, billonairie idealistic,with  sense of spirituality…”

Absorption of Aura photographs enclosed, and spiritually projected on the canvas, with powerful influence.

150 000 000 €



Stadistics 2012 * +1200 billonairies in the World…

And affiliates ,THEN HERE…¡¡

General prices large scale to study or discuss (important)

Different prices, scales, level( high class) clients, always.

I can adapt to agree a price that you see fit, with advance to a particular subject, and if successful, or large projection be developing this aspect, … (important) I can indicate in advance the staff assessment of a subject, and I’ll decide if I agree or not price In cases of design and architecture projects,  other individuals, to  see prices from budget Each case and for each work to be performed, a particular study.

I am flexible on scales that can stipulate Everything also depends on the style and proper persons who tried, and their customers. Since in my style, no other paintings how are you in the World. That reference to a subject can serve as an example, But the important thing is to work, really, to achieve high mutual benefits. The ideal would be to find the right sponsor.

Compactly shown here, some issues I have currently available, failure to communicate the dimensions in which they are made

More information, details,prices to stipulate or agree, possible commissions.



More classic, to more dense, baroque, to more transgressive, Gothic

The textures and densities created, except for demand specifies particular, have a sober and refined brushwork, with a lush sensuality, commercial-free projection.

Confidential communication to assertiveness and success …”
Message to recipient.

An international issue, first level requires a similarity of approach,direct purchase of art, with or without intermediation, strict and well planned, channeled the possible acquisition process of artistic work 

Untitled 7

Agrees to consider the links on my blog, attractive, but clear and direct message to anyone willing to understand the keys where the secret of King Midas”, despite the direct similarity,

the important thing is to assimilate and draw this whole structure, and can match or assembled, to similar visions for future success,




Privacy & Process keys

In this last link is a reference of topics, head down to AVAILABLE ART / section
These in principle for art collectors,

Looking for these models with that price, especially Russian billionaires, starting now Germans, Arabs, Asians, etc., and distinguished clients very high purchasing power, that if, with clear ideas of acquiring works of art. / Idealistic, passionate , etc.)

And a mosaic of works available, of which I can give references.


Works and prices scare

dedicated to all those who have

not the foggiest idea of what is

the Neo-Gothic Realism …”


Untitled 6

However, the value of work depends on the level of the client, (always Elite)
In other works do not put prices, and it is not that much” can agree, but we get the cooperation that, that’s part of your mission is” protocol see the profile of who you try, this is a Art timeless luxury

A picture would be nice at that price, or more in the end add up, (always highest gains), and work hard. = Rich)

You can adapt to a price or value we can provide both, we will adapt according to your vision of the client.




Busco para esos modelos con ese precio, a billonarios rusos sobre todo, alemanes ahora empezando, arabes, orientales,etc, y distinguidos clientes de muy alto poder adquisitivo, eso si, con las ideas claras de adquirir obras de Arte./idealistas, apasionados, etc.) 

Y un mosaico de obras disponibles, de las que te puedo dar referencias.


Obras y precios, dedicados a ahuyentar a todos aquellos, que no tienen ni la mas remota idea, de lo que es el Realismo Neo-Gotico…”

De todas formas, el valor de las obras, depende del nivel del cliente,(siempre de Elite)
En otras obras no pongo precios, y  no se trata de de que” cantidad se pueda pactar, sino de la colaboracion que pensamos obtener, eso es parte de tu mision protocolo” es ver el perfil de con quien tratas,esto es un Arte intemporal, de lujo,

Estaria bien un cuadro a ese precio, o varios que al final sumen, (siempre altisimas ganancias), y trabajar mucho.=enriquecerse)

Es posible adaptare a un precio o valor que podamos estipular ambos,lo adaptaremos segun tu vision sobre el cliente.






Es todo algo asi, medievalmente  hablando,(buscar la asertividad, complicidad y honorabilidad mutuas, para lograr objetivo)

Un Proceso desde el principio a fin, que realmente nos identifique

y con los matices,que quizas se deban ajustar, cuando mas pequeños, mejor señal,
 para todos…”

Un asunto Internacional, de primer nivel ,compra de arte directa, con o sin intermediacion requiere una similitud de planteamiento,estricto y perfectamente programado, encauzado el proceso a adquisicion posible de obra artistica





And against all the manipulation…”

Vast legion of ghouls, THIEVES and followers…”

Vagrants, foxes and Crooks

Large with circle of acquaitances


Untitled 3


Let filling Museums, galleries and institutions based on works of art donated by love or robbed …” Now, being an artist only be a starving humble, grateful child minded noble and false filmic”heroic causes of goodness, reflection of fashion marketing, or a clown Freakie, licks ass …”

Plus a legion of scoundrels infamous and partners. Free delivery to strangers or disguised, … marketing quotas, pay and pay money easy, all lost and plundered, and by the way thanks to the altruism, the non-profit, and are lined up behind the usual , profit for them…”

The large breed was the hypocrite, and a condemnation forthcoming …”


This usually occurs in stingy minds for all Times … Enemies of Genius …”

.Whoever wants taste of spirituality the Holy Grail of artistic Ideals, has come to me …”,, performs process unlike executed by false stereotypes…””


Warning :



All posts, images and content, have a correspondence and relationship initiation, although the circumstances obey a visible exposure, the meanings are not understandable or suitable for the vast majority …”

Wealth and Power , Fame, influence, willing to pre -order Artwork.
Art buyers.
Integrates spiritual fellowship members

Churches and prestigious organizations”
Locate members of the high Hierarchies Occult …”
Uncommon customer
Elitist faithful with Goodwill ”
Charisma and complicity.
Famous people
Hollywood celebrities
High Society
People who can afford the luxury or divine caprice and necessity of a Higher Art.
Direct previous process Acquisition Art Masterpieces

Confidential matter to discuss, negotiate.
No paperwork to mobsters international law …” Subject spartanly sacred, private, direct and intimate.

Verified spiritually, on the present human race generally, the vast mass of degenerates, clowns, petty, and insane little characters, opposite the high ideal that is offered …”

Restricted access area



Paintings Charmed Ones
Transmission desired collaboration, with Medium clairvoyant”

Arta vrăjit,Cautare spiritist vrăjitoare, posibilitatea de a comunica cu spiritele morților și, pentru a face legătura cu arta mea pentru a satisface oamenii potriviți. Pentru a avea lumină, trebuie să recunoască identitatea mea vampir, iar pactul va da drumul …”


refrain followers normal amateurs and students affiliated
no psychodelia, ghosts preachers, here nor hanged, or demented morons (out), fans of these worlds and naive believe, sobriety a-causal.



The most fabulous oil paintings of all Ages …”

The Gothic Neo Realism is the antithesis (Greek αντίθεσις Antithesis “conflict opposition” everything you think your interests, your ideas about art, all your suggestions ”
(Avatar) Utopia is reincarnated …”

Available Oil Painting
Antiques Art
Art Collection
Private Acquisitions


Advertencia de contenido

Amistad opcional, lo primero es mi asunto de Arte

Idioma español

Latinoamerica , Brasil, U.S.A. India,y Global Clientes

Con real Poder Economico y Acervo Espiritual y Religioso.

Sobre lienzo pinto imagenes, extraidas de visiones fotografia, de altares de Santeria,
Imagenes y esculturas, incluidas de Virgenes, de santos
Mundo devocional
Mundo Pagano
Con Aura Milagrosa, magica.
Entidades vivientes para acompañamiento y consuelo espiritual

Atencion Privada:
Creacion de Angeles , Demonios y Protectores.

De los Deseos :
Exorcismus, obras con espiritus protectores.

Pinturas Embrujadas
Transmisión deseada de pacto, colaboracion con MEDIUM, ocultista clarividente real.
La raza humana común no es consciente del poder que se ofrece, y se paraliza en la evidencia, lo que requiere una asimilación espiritual filtro, de colaboración, y por propia voluntad y perceptivo al don, para la salvaje energía primordial condensada ,canalizar hacia a los elegidos … “‘


No hay que confundir la exposicion de las fotografias / imagenes a traves de todos los albumes con el estudio total perceptivo, sino de lo que voy a crear sobre estas visiones al Oleo sobre lienzo.

Do not confuse the exhibition of photographs / images through all the studio albums with all perceptive, but from what I create on these visions Oil on canvas.


The recognition of and glad yielding to legitimate authority.

Sacred duty to accept the absolute truth which I possess artistic …”

Only a sense of immortality, is complementary to the existential meaning of my Art…”


Only with spiritual roots deep and real, by all, including prospective clients, it is possible positive and fruitful collaboration with me…”


Verified in all the scriptures, essays, my art, images and visions that seek not for mortals understanding or agreements or alliances with traditional or futuristic worldly causes, but the call to my own Clan.

Проверенные и во всем Писании, эссе, мое искусство, образы и видения, которые стремятся не для смертных понимания или соглашения или союзы с традиционными или футуристические мирские причины, но призыв к моим собственным кланом.


Русские миллиардеры. Само искусство для замков и особняков. Готический элиты относятся с презрением, дети крестьян сюрреалиста творений.

””” имперского искусства ”””


LUXUS und ESKLUSIV Ölgemälde Meisterwerke Visionären Persönliche Erholung und der Ahnen Spirituelle Welt der alle ethnischen Gruppen…” Die gotische Neo Realismus ist die Antithese “Widerspruchs Opposition” alles, was Sie denken, Ihre Interessen, Ihre Vorstellungen über Kunst, alle Ihre Vorschläge ”Utopia wieder geboren Visionären Kunst mit Arischen Geistes.


Visionary Personal re-creation, and Ancestral Spiritual World of all Ethnic Groups…”

Transgressive NATURAL ART

Actividades y grupos: MECENAZGO, Gönner, Mäzenatentum, Neues Imperium, Individualismus, Patron, العربية العملاء المتميزة والنبيلة .Patronage, Profit Management.NOBILITY and Elitist people, : Russian & American ART Collectors, luxury designers and GLOBAL Private ART Affaire.


The Revival of Artistic Ideals…”


Away from the tacky projects and cultural management events, exhibitions and fairs, are part of the absurd ”freak show” skullduggery.
The fake modern art is aberrant, and even classical, reference in museums, institutions, irrespective of the details are childish representations only, suitable for all audiences, nothing to admire with real significance.
Matter is detestable in the world and the art scene, to find the great legion of lackluster turn, the same dogs with different collars …”
The Neo-Gothic Realism, Avatar in Art, diametrically opposed to the neo-liberal democratic scourge of Western civilization, a decadent world, devoid of ideals and values …”

هنر، متعالی، نیاز به یک عمل بالاتر است.چشم سوم باز

The High Art, of the sublime, requires a higher action. The Third Eye Open …”

Directly aware of expanding our universe and discover our core values and who are not satisfied with a simple and worthless intellectualising of spiritual realities, monopolization and false global mercantilist my artistic treasures, desiring access direct experience …” the Seventh Race Elected.





Si tu ojo derecho te escandaliza, arráncatelo y tíralo; porque más te vale que se pierda uno de tus miembros que no que todo tu cuerpo sea arrojado al Infierno…”

Santa Biblia …”



N S F W – IMAGES & Vision, Texts

If thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out and throw it away, because it is better for you to lose one of your members than that your whole body be thrown into Hell …” Catholic Bible …”

Refrain at all, to channel business issues, ethics and form, as opposed to my approach to the artistic subject.

Everyone should strive to prevent any form of UNTRUTH from poisoning relationships.”


NOT have my permission to utilize any of my profile information nor any of the content contained here including, but not limited to my photos, the comments made about this photos, images, or any other “picture” art posted on my profile, videos included .( Berner Convention)
Phishing for foreign advertising, intrusiveness.Unrelated web pages blogs, another media.
All are hereby notified that it’s strictly prohibited from disclosing, copying, reposting and distributing. (with my permission, to consult )
Punished by law (UCC 1 1-308-308 1-103 and the Rome Statute)
This is PRIVATE general success, matter.(Art)

Of wanting to share (friends) an image here, abstain than to focus on inappropriate contexts.

Although my primary exposure is public and visible matter apparent, the destination is strictly private. The profound significance requires strict control. Most know the occult truth.

Who foolishly passes the line with antagonism toward this sensitive transcendent, execrable consequences lurking…” ( Lex Talionis)


Do not cast pearls before swine …” … St. Matthew, Gospel 7: 6

” No echar perlas a los cerdos,…”San Mateo, Evangelio 7:6

Lies are easy to create, including the world monopoly of bad art, and trade them, is like eating excrement scented million flies can not be wrong …”

از جمله در انحصار دنیای هنر بد، و تجارت آنها است، مانند خوردن مدفوع معطر میلیون پشه می باشد

לרבות מונופול העולם של אמנות גרועה, ולסחור בם, כמו לאכול מיליון זבובי צואה ריחניים לא יכול
להיות רע

يمكن بما في ذلك احتكار عالم الفن سيئة، والتجارة لهم، مثل الأكل البراز المعطرة مليون الذباب لن يكون من الخطأ

बुरा कला की दुनिया एकाधिकार है, और उन्हें व्यापार सहित, मलमूत्र सुगंधित मिलियन मक्खियों के खाने की तरह है गलत नहीं हो सकता

в том числе всемирно монополии плохое искусство, и торговать ими, является, как едят экскременты душистые миллионов мух не могут ошибаться

Las mentiras son faciles de crear, incluidas el mundo y monopòlio del mal arte, y comerciar con ellas, es como consumir excrementos perfumados, millones de moscas no pueden estar equivocadas…”


We are in Transylvania, and Transylvania is not England…”

The civilization resembles daylight… Our ways are not your ways, and my ” Art World ” for many offers strange things … Only for Elect …”


Delete A person who cannot be shown to have ever lived via reliable sources fails <– how about Jesus ? prove me he lived !
or as truly was acting.
Degenerate Lie
Better, A good Christian or similar causes, a miracle …” (____)

It knew about the darkness that comes on the land when rotation hides the land from the sun, and about the darkness of the human soul.”

The voyage to Jerusalem’s Lot …” S. King


The Dark Tower

The Gunslinger

The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed him…” S. King

One Vision, warning

What it means,who is the black man …”?
The actual human race.


Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius …”


:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: More information in and other Blogs. Luxury and Exclusive Artist Painter ( Masterpieces) Ornamental Baroque and Visionary Art, to palaces, Churchs, Castles, luxury villas, Exclusive Spaces, The PATRON meeting with idealistic attitude in relation to a new ART in a world devoid of artistic ideals …


Only beings possess understanding in place with head, trunk and extremities, more spirit, race unknown or unnoticed in the existing structure around us…” The power of my art, you can not learn in a school full of academic standards, empty of spiritual meaning …” Channels to competent persons, in line with the way I act and decide , to redirect the matter directly to the customers desired Artistic …”

.Attend the presentation of individual projects of medium and large, specific demand of the creative concept, In relation to the interior and architectural style, with the inclusion of all its elements customizable desired to taste of each client, CONTACT about determined Artwork projects, consults.

.I came to work very hard, if collaboration, with absolute seriousness and rigor, are strictly necessary to get things done. In private, I can confidently provide all necessary information about my artwork.I have no habit of entering online chats, and as basically I am here for serious artistic subject, and there are pages with phishers.


Nothing is more detestable in this World, to find everywhere, the same dogs with different collars …”


‘…Personal improvement and self-realization appear, when we leave aside our humanity …” In search of Distinguished Clients, .Elitist people, Patron, Art Collector., Dealers,Luxury designers, Individuals.. Private Sales..Absolute seriousness To create contacts for Future Art Projects, Collaborations, Patronage, partnership, to stay in touch (Business Art )..Real, Hard, and strong collaboration, .. Warning : Abstain to offer me marketing strategies, fiddles, surreal proposals…(To make easy money)..People with authentic, Idealistic, beyond personal Ideology …”

………………………………………………………………………………………………. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………. The basic conditions suggest on ABOUT and Privacy /here, blogs.”… We must make a sincere effort, to understand the magnitude of the artistic subject, and not trivialize me in vain discussions and issues I’m not interested, in Art events, shows or public Exhibitions, Only PRIVATE Adquisitions…. CONTACT me to receive all necessary INFORMATION about me and the Artistic Works… I contact with the certain and suitable person, to enter narrow artistic commitment. …A Dense Art Universe…”

The main and simultaneous, and understand the idea or procurement process, and logically, to find the true style of Elite client that can are interested in concrete Artwork.

My Art offered is obviously superior, absolute, concise and direct, Avoid speculation, typical of” freak ‘show” force, and the oppressive bureaucracy, of such and such unhealthy mind, … The first and final decision, a commitment to acquire a project, require a strict and narrow sobriety, treatment, steps forward, honest communication, acts restrained and blameless, far from the quackery, the pettiness, the opportunism, vulgarity and mediocrity … ” : Como una Ordenanza Militar a cumplir, hay que enfocar lo mejor, hacia lo mejor,con total asertividad y compenetracion,…Quien dude,indage o especule, mejor puede mirar hacia otra parte, donde del mas de lo mismo, muchas ONGs, (del mal llamado Arte y cultura )hay de sobra…No estamos para perder el Tiempo…”



: As a Military Order to comply, must approach the best, at best, with full assertiveness and rapport … Anyone who doubts, Indage or speculate, can best look elsewhere, where the more of the same, many NGOs, (the misnamed Art and Culture) is more than enough … We are not to waste time …” . . ———————————————————————————————————————————– Pintor Creador del Realismo Neo-Gotico Las mejores pinturas al Oleo de todos los Tiempos…’ Realismo Magico Visionario Neo-Tenebrismo Todos los conceptos, images, visiones, son transformados en obras de Arte al Oleo.

Solo se aceptan actualmente nuevos contactos con encargos directos , proyectos artisticos de lujo,exclusivos para distinguidos clientes de Elite en privado..Ver previamente perfil ,posts y enlaces. Abstenerse, de enviar solicitud, sin esta condicion, para evitar conversaciones irrelevantes.

Solo para Coleccionistas de Arte, y Distinguidos clientes de Alto Poder Adquisitivo. AL encuentro del MECENAS, con actitud Idealista en relacion a un nuevo ARTE en un Mundo, carente de Ideales Artisticos…”

Obras Artisticas NO disponibles para Ferias o Exhibiciones,Solo para ADQUISICIONES en PRIVADO.

Arte personal no cultural, Arte de Culto. Ventas directas bajo previo pedido en esta SELECCION ARTISTICA de ELITE. Si se desea un tema personalizado, Explicito de contenido,para mostrar el concepto en Privado, Cualquier informacion, consulta,contactar. En caso de producirse la intermediacion, Galeristas, marchantes de Arte,…Altas Comisiones.con ventas positivas. Buscando el perfil adecuado de personas, para colaboracion Artistica.

Grandes Formatos.

.Ciertos contenidos expuestos, pueden herir la sensibilidad de personas, con otra manera de ver el Arte, Lo expongo, para en caso de solicitudes de contacto o amistad reciprocos, se intente evitar malentendidos, y situaciones embarazosas, para todos los que estamos intentando proyectar lo mejor de nosotros en estas plataformas,. Pensarlo detenidamente  antes de enviar solicitud de amistad o contacto ; los perfiles que se consideren, no favorables, seran eliminados.

. Personal priority: Career and money

Important in others: Wealth and power

Towers and temples are the luxury of princes. A powerful and independent mind does not toil at the bidding of any prince…” Some people think luxury is not the opposite of poverty; it is the opposite of vulgarity…”

.All the concepts, images, visions, are transformed in oil painting Artworks. Currently only accept new contacts with direct orders, luxury art projects, exclusive Elite distinguished private clients .. See previous profile, posts and links. Refrain from sending application without this condition, to avoid irrelevant discussions.

.Certain content posted, may offend the sensibilities of people, with another way of looking at art, expose it, in case of applications for contact or reciprocal friendship, they try to avoid misunderstanding and embarrassment, for all we are trying to project what our best in this communication platforms. Warning/Advertencia Learning to read and view content, road to assertiveness. Aprender a leer y a visualizar contenidos, camino hacia la Asertividad .

.Exposure, information and content for adult and mature people in care, bear us as such … ”Exposicion, informacion y contenidos para gente adulta y madura, en atencion, comportemonos como tales…”


:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Similar Studying ways, meeting points to understand…(1) example. Precedent option (1) : Following the announcement of artistic work undertaken or completed. To acquire artistic work of great magnitude, and subsequent evaluation , formalities,case of commissions,  payments, logistics later,better via: Voyage (art operation, adquisition)

.      Representative


. Customer, collector, agent or qualified representative, in person during the event, in my city. Private Event Coordination (Art) Associate:

Artwork request – Performs – was traveling to my city to acquire it + = positive evaluation is acquired and paid.


and searching for points of similarity proposals.

Options balanced and equitable procurement,acquisition forms to study.