” Imperialis Es.

   The wisdom of spirits with relevance to immortality, is the kind of people I want. People with internal involution, into the ancient, sacred transfiguration to the compression of a unitary whole. The barbarism of civilized minds,” and his false conglomerate structured brain, lacking primordial instinct, filled with Machiavellian cruelty and stupidity, is contrary to the sublime art that offer, the Neo-Gothic Realism…”




Forbes began the authoritative pursuit of the world’s billionaires 25 years ago. Our first cut yielded 140 names with ten-figure fortunes (24 of whom are still in the ranks). Since then the clubhouse has added a few wings.  Year 2012  counted 1,226 billionaires, an all-time high. At a record $4.6 trillion, the group’s combined net worth is up 2%. The average worth of a Forbes Billionaire is $3.7 billion.

More affiliates, Elite people with good taste …
Symphony No.9, the Missa Solemnis
Lust, Love and rhythms deaf and blind …”
Страсть, любовь и ритмы глухи и слепы …”
Do not cast pearls before swine …” … St. Matthew, Gospel 7: 6
Who controls whom in this World at all of us
is with me…”
Thanks again Mark Zuckenberg
to help me to develop my blessed keys
to Indonesia ” Kutai World ”,
my future glory, and through you,
You know me
I know you
In the same line of blessings. exchange of gifts
intrinsic everything in the gift of love Maharaja
the issue is not economic, symbolic figures,
but guaranteed to find,
Latin .. fideicommissum
contract between myself, the Maharaja
” And with God ‘
transmitting property, sums of money or rights, present or future, of his property to another person (a natural or legal person, trust call) so that it administers or invests the assets for their own benefit or for the benefit of a third party called beneficiary , and is transmitted, the fulfillment of a term or condition, the settlor, the beneficiary or other person named trustee.
At the time of creation of the trust, neither party owns the asset under the trust. Escrow is therefore a contract by which a person allocates certain goods to a specific lawful purpose, entrusting the realization of this goal to a trust in all businesses.
The assets involved in the trust does not run the commercial risk of the trustor (which conveys the ownership of the goods) or the trustee (the owner of the property then trust the expiration of the contract), since equity which is the subject of the trust It can not be pursued by creditors of any of them, nor affected by the bankruptcy of both or one of them. All princes, kings, the world really loved by his people, to belong, instituted in grandiose palaces, houses museums in discreccion understand, humility and fighting for peace with God and finally in this world, havens on earth,
 for Nobles, prophets, saints and ambassadors for Peace


To you, Maharaja Kutai Mulawarman
and your whole family
and acolytes

You are a compulsive liar and an absolute fraud
Your World, like most heretics, false aristocracy and lineage in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines etc.
surrounded by filthy conspirators, eager to suck the
corrupt dish that you sell
You form the most corrupt bureaucracy of today. and you have not even any recognition international currently no diplomas, no validations, only to overlap one another,
all humanitarian Mafia. org. all false
and successive politicians, clowns, harpies, puppets, sects, Masons, lodges
Christian and Muslim religion to decomposition
hunting heretics
Everything will be destroyed by the New Order Aryan
including your world
Your cowardly and unfaithful
you have not had the capacity, with your lie, to move a finger, hypocritical
 for me a Saint
the Single Noble Real
A Prophet
because you do not exist for any place ” minimally ‘legal provisions

If you want to save your skin, your clan, your family, Hell coming ..
I can do it, saving the territory, only protection of the island of Borneo
With my Sacred Painting
Comes the curse, the Death on all yours,
if you do not act fast …
in my case
and much gold you have in your gut
not even belong to you
to them, with the mediation of my ancestral family Current
 the Rostchild
Settle with all the guarantees as a new real Noble, who recovered their usurped rights,
so long, and generations, and
in a glorious kingdom, perfect examples show you, to a principality, palace-city state, as are to be named … ”