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Art & Inspiration…”

Orientalist Magic visions…”

Magic Visions of Arabia and India.. ..EXCLUSIVE ELITIST ART Visionary Neo Realism Art

All refinement, elegance, baroque. sensuality and magnetism, created, unparalleled since the only living exponent of the Wizarding World …”

Sanat, özel satış Başyapıtları …”

السحرية الرؤى العربية والهند



Pribadi Raya, Perlindungan warisan
pribadi, Nilai-Nilai
untuk perdamaian


If the desire is finally in the Empire, and the Justice of God and of oneself, as pleasant and decisive response, to Glory
contending in this circle of passions ..

It may be open the road to provide individually,
when I have my castle or palace built on the Wastelands
Some individual citations, a few days, a week,
each of the princesses that have appeared in this siege, ..
because it is a sin to judge the catastrophe of passion that is occurring
due to friction between realities in decline, personal and anxious oppression and redemption worlds, receiving the blessed rain water Maharaja.
in that case it is open


having in future to make a pleasant farewell Principe still single,
in relation to give a few quotes to each of the princesses who have been involved in the spell, in this legendary history and ..
Because all are wonderful in themselves, full of intrinsic and individual qualities, but it can not capture my heart
but my spirit the selected.

No restrictions on romanticism, knowledge, sex, if the person or circumstance conducive desire, all private and secret rediscoveries
no rules, no force will not do what you really want, in an atmosphere of harmony, courtesy, palace,
where everyone freely put their best to express the true end sacredly is the Sacrament of True Love.

Who want to present.
They were invited promptly and discreetly, acceptable, understandable, private matter ,.

and then promptly notify the selected I blessed

The martyr to be sacrificed for a Kingdom of love and happiness … ”

 For Future Royal Wedding
Kutai prince Mulawarman.

July 2015


Inside signs of favoritism
in this platform
or anywhere in the universe
with wealth real
we have to win
with these wonderful women

you know
with real success

it’s Beautiful
is to see who they are, they will suffer
and to give all of
for fear of losing

invitation to the triumph
in real Passion mood, in real world


I am pleased
communicate to everyone
especially to Maharaja
I am not someone who is liking to shows here,
shows, creations to onlookers, making emotional gibberish, here detestable swings, princesses, women, my own and others,
an attitude that is not what I want,
prophetic warnings, if I have given more than enough time without you take, the better decision to dire consequences real.
and it was something like the acquisition of a beautiful painting, with a true, real, personal and deep history,
constantly developing, particularly in an embarrassing and regrettable spectacle, vacuum.
This will change after August 2015
wishing for good ..
Me , Prince of Kutai Mulawarman real effects
was created in opposition to the negative fatality, a group of people in Indonesia, with the head in place, ahead faith, honestly and with a sense of action and responsibility, honorable
God is with destiny, who will do the reckoning, for me, to everyone
Anyway it is even month, activity here
will be closed this profile, active
I did not come to the circus,
as a war
and where
but, to conclude all bet
Peace, prosperity and glory.


Trouver maintenant sur vous
mon vide éternel
Je traîne quelque chose, je suce
de la noirceur insondable
comme une lance dans ma poitrine
blanc cimetière de pierre
Est mon armure de Anges Déchus
apporte une fissure de sang rouge
orgasme lumière
ceci est votre don de la haine
que l’Amour
Saskia de Brauw … ”

Prince Guillermo Hohenzollern Dynasty